Taste the first Slovak red gin TOISON RUBY RED

A novelty has been added to our offer of first-class craft spirits - red gin TOISON RUBY RED

Taste the first Slovak coloured gin TOISON RUBY RED

A new product has been added to our portfolio of first-class craft spirits - TOISON RUBY RED gin. It is the authentic answer of our distillery to the unceasing worldwide trend of popular coloured, so-called infused spirits.

Made exclusively from natural ingredients

We created the first Slovak coloured gin, in which we innovated the pure taste of gin with a fresh touch of berries. Since we wanted to stay original, we created a spirit with an unconventional deep red colouring. While the design of the flagship, the internationally awarded TOISON gin, is rather soft and elegant, TOISON RUBY RED has a touch of sophisticated playfulness thanks to the red label and its characteristic ruby shade.

Made exclusively from natural ingredients

TOISON RUBY RED is based on the original recipe of TOISON craft gin, while both products are produced in a purely natural way. We made sure that the distinctive shade and unique taste of the first Slovak coloured gin are as natural and authentic as possible. This is also why we used exclusively carefully selected berries. After maturing in earthenware containers, Slovak craft gin TOISON goes through a maceration process, without adding artificial flavours or dyes.

Delicate taste of berries

The fragrance of TOISON RUBY RED is dominated by strawberry tones with an accent of fine herbal velvet. The taste is then dominated by raspberries with a touch of soft elderberry, strawberries, and gin. In the end, the natural freshness of berries is perfectly combined with the characteristic TOISON gin. Red ruby spirit tastes great on its own, but also in the form of a mixed cocktail.