TOISON craft gin

TOISON is produced by maceration of juniper berries, flowers, and herbs with wheat spirit, which is then distilled in a first-class Holstein distillation column. After all gin is left to rest in olden arthenware vessel - dating to the former Czechoslovakia. Softness, lightness, finely tuned flavours, but at the same time exceptional strength rank TOISON among premium gins.

The gin's name cleverly conceals a reference to its Slovak origin, as symbolised by sheep's fleece (from the French TOISON), which is further stylishly exemplified by the bell-shaped bottle. The design of the TOISON bottle, by the Pergamen studio from Trnava, won bronze in the world packaging design competition Pentawards 2020.


TOISON's first impression is an enchanting scent of chamomile, linden flowers, and lemon peel. Followed by enticing junipers, rose hips, strawberry leaf, rose pepper, and exotic grains of paradise. Licorice, aronia fruitiness and citrus freshness linger in the aftertaste.

Bottle size 0.7l | Volume of alcohol in the bottle 47%.