red gin

The first Slovak coloured gin follows the internationally awarded TOISON´s craft gin recipe, which is produced by maceration of juniper berries, flowers, and herbs with wheat spirit. It is distilled in a first-class Holstein distillation column and then left to mature in olden earthenware vessel - dating to the former Czechoslovakia.

TOISON Ruby Red is a perfect combination of the pure taste of our gin and the tones of raspberries, strawberries, and elderberries. After maturation in earthenware vessel Toison goes through a process of further maceration with carefully selected berries and without any addition of artificial colours or aromas. This is how the spirit TOISON RUBY RED is created with a significant ruby colour and authentic taste.


The aroma is dominated by the tones of strawberries with an accent of fine herbal velvet. The taste is dominated by raspberries with a touch of soft elderberry, strawberries, and gin. The aftertaste is perfectly combined with the natural freshness of berries and the one and only TOISON gin. TOISON RUBY RED red spirit tastes great as it is or in the mixed cocktail.

Bottle size 0.7l | Volume of alcohol in the bottle 38%.